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For thousands of years in every culture there have been traditions of singing together, moving with rhythm and co-creating a sacred space of healing vibration as a way of celebration or marking an important event.

Weather you can’t wait to pour your heart out through the voice or just feel like keeping a beat or even just listening and nodding along, you are so welcome to join us for this musical evening! Simple songs and chants which you can easily follow and inspired musicians are there for us to bring back sweet tradition of heart uplifting music, shared and created together.


This Kirtan will be lead by two musicians ❤

Sofya Melkova, harmonium and voice

Studied music and singing. After first visiting India, fell in love with its culture and teachings and was traveling there for eight years. There she immersed deeply into teachings of Advaita Vedanta, practicing meditation, yoga and kirtan. She is a certified yoga instructor, approaching yoga as a way to prepare the body and mind for meditation and now uses her knowledge of the voice to make kirtan available for everybody as a simple but powerful way to open the heart and the mind.

Pau ReiFe (Reneobab), guitar

Composer and self-taught guitarrist since he was young, develops his own acoustic tunning and chords with one string less with powerfull disonnat chords and intriguing arpeggios from far away connections, intending a trascendental trip for the audience, some times in companion with meditations in retreats.


Join us in the vibration of Onenness 🙌


Where: Jivamukti Yoga Studio

Ronda de Sant Pere, 19, 3-5

When: 3 of May at 19:30

What: Kirtan by donation (min of 5 euros)