new code of conduct

Make sure you sign in at reception before each class.

Hygiene and clothes: Please use appropriate clean attire and wear a top for hygiene reasons. It is also more comfortable for teachers to give you a good assist if you have a shirt on.

If you use our studio’s red mat, please clean it with the cleaning products provided in the room after you use it. If the mat is very wet, let it on the floor to dry. We encourage you to bring your own mat if you practice with us regularly.

Punctuality: With respect to your practice and concentration of other practitioners in the room try to be on time. If it so happened that you are late and arrive during dharma talk or chanting please enter and sit down, and only place your mat once asana part of the class begins.

Props: feel free to use all the props and please place them back neatly after the practice where you found them.

Lost Items: If you leave something behind, please check in the baskets in the changing rooms. In the end of each month, all the items will be removed and disposed of. If you leave something behind in the last days of the month, please let us know so we can keep your item until you pick it up. Please don’t leave your personal items to store in the changing rooms.