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Open class – Saturday, March 17th, 11 – 13:00. All passes and packs for JYB practitioners apply. Drop-in price: 20 euros.

Workshop: Sunday, March 18th, 12 – 14:30: Compassion is in Fashion  (BACK BENDING WORKSHOP)

Just as we need to exercise our physical body, as practicing yogis or sadhakas, our job is to excercise compassion. Master Patanjali gives us the best advice to cultivate an innate serenity of mind: be compassionate to those who are unhappy or duhkha. Duhkha is unhappiness or suffering but can also be translated as bad axel hole, when one does not feel centred, grounded or in a good place.

As the pace of life speeds up and the pressure is on to become more successful or more powerful we can become more desensitized to others feelings and maybe even try to achieve our goals and dreams at the expense of others. Patanjali teaches us the opposite of this, by being kind and compassionate towards others, strength occurs, certainly not from overpowering. In this workshop we will focus on deep backbends techniques to bring about groundedness, heart opening, strength and sukha or sweetness so we can use this conscious spiritual practice to uplift others.
About Emma: Emma Henry was introduced to yoga in the mid 90s. Her background in dance and martial arts is evident in her dynamic, innovative and playful choreography and understanding of anatomy and the subtle body.
Emma’s yogic path has led her to Mysore from practicing Astanga with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and to advanced certification in the Jivamukti method with Sharon Gannon and David Life.
Her continuing education is shared with all of her students through her love of yogic texts and her amazing chanting. All of her classes include an inspiring sound track and a lot of laughter. Her goal is to create a space for practitioners to feel inspired, nurtured and uplifted.
She has hosted yoga workshops and retreats around the world with many happy yogis returning for more year after year.
Emma now teaches for the Jivamukti Teacher Training Programs with Sharon Gannon and David Life.
Workshop price: 35 euros – before March 12th
40 euros – regular price after March 12th.

To register, please make a payment via PayPal using email info@jivamuktiyogabarcelona.com, or pay cash/card at the studio, or make a transfer:

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