“Through good association – attaching your self to others who believe that awakening is possible – your awakening is possible. In this day and age, satsang is the most important practice.”– Sharon Gannon, co-founder, Jivamukti Yoga

“Sat” means truth; “Sanga” means association is a virtuous gathering of like-minded individuals who inspire, encourage, and reflect your true nature. Let the practice flourish and seeds of compassion ripen in satsang. This retreat led by Olga Oskorbina and Karina Gusalova is a long awaited opportunity for Jivamukti Yoga practitioners to get away from the city and spend quality time together.

December 2020 presents us with a wonderful 4 day opportunity to get away, practice, meditate and contemplate in a beautiful setting of Catalan hills and forests.

In Banyolas, Girona, up on the hills, we will  begin our days with optional Meditation, followed by Maha Sadhana (great practice) that will include yoga philosophy, pranayama and asana practice, relaxation and meditation. Later in the day we will have time to take long walks, eat slowly, have lectures and asana labs and we will finish with Yin yoga and meditation, dinner and satsangs in the evenings.

Our chef Carlota will nourish us with special vegan gourmet dishes throughout the retreat.

Arrival: 4/12/2020 Friday evening

Departure: 8/12/2020 Tuesday afternoon

There is a possibility to stay at the retreat before and after the retreat dates

Tentative schedule (to be confirmed closer to the retreat dates)


18:00 Arrival

19:00 Yin yoga

20:00  Heartwarming Dinner


7:30 Meditation

8:30-10:30 Jivamukti Open XXL

10:30-11:30 Walking meditation

11:30 – 12:30 Delicious vegan brunch

12:30-14:30 Quiet time

14:30-16:30 Asana Lab / Yoga Philosophy / Pranayama (Monday afternoon – Free time)

18:00-19:30 Yin yoga and Meditation

20:00-21:00  Heartwarming Dinner

21:00 – Group gathering


7:30 Meditation

8:30-10:30 Jivamukti Open XXL

10:30-11:30 Hike

11:30 – 12:30 Delicious vegan brunch

Rest and prepare for departure

Please note that we will have some periods of time during the retreat when we will observe silence as a group.

Transportation: there is a direct bus Banyolas from Barcelona (Teisa Barcelona-Olot vía Banyoles), from Banyolas, retreat center is a short taxi ride away, or 2 hour hike.

Private transportation: we will put in touch participants with cars and people without cars, so participants can get there together.


Shared Rooms and Domes

4 nights – Full price 600€, Early Bird before 1/11 – 550€

Single occupancy – 700€, Early Bird before 1/11 650€


680 EUR per person (2 people maximum), 630€ Early Bird

Single occupancy – 800€, 750€ Early bird

We may include 2 or 3 night stay options closer to the dates of the retreat.

To register, please email to info@jivamuktiyogabarcelona.com