Jules is what pushes your boundaries of a yoga teacher image. Jules is first of all funny, fun, smart and different. This combo will break any ice that one might generate when starting a practice with a new teacher.

Jules is down to Earth and he speaks universal language that all can comprehend. He makes ancient sophisticated yoga concepts – easy to understand, relate to and apply to the modern ways of life.

Jules is a generous man, he opens his heart in class and he is sincere. He is brave to share his deep inner self with his students, his own humanity, his own struggles and experiences so we can all relate to each other. That inevitably makes atmosphere of his classes hospitable, warm and easy going. This kind of environment is ideal for ourselves to explore our inner experience and go deep.

His sequences will inevitably take you to a new place in your body, and chances are you will discover some new asanas or go further in familiar ones because of his insightful queues.

We feel privileged to host him at Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona, we invited him with an intention to make all the students experience high level of teachings and make the studio practice playful and varied.

— Karina Gusalova