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Embark on a path of personal mastery in this meditation series that will give you different tools to strengthen your yoga practice. Series 1 is an 8-week programme that will provide you with a clear understanding of what are the various meditation techniques available, what are the fundamentals to sustaining a meditation practice and how to skilfully apply these practices you will learn in your daily life. Programme will be in English, but Spanish can be used when necessary.


This programme will:

  • introduce and teach several types of meditations (including heart, concentration, somatic, devotional, walking & standing practices)
  • show you how to work with challenges associated with each technique (e.g. lack of concentration, working with negative thoughts & emotions & dealing with pain)
  • give you the opportunity to ask specific questions on how to improve your practice.


This programme is suitable for those:

  • who have basic meditation experience but would like to broaden their exposure to different types of meditations and know when to use them appropriately
  • for those who use meditation phone Apps (eg Headspace) but need specific guidance on how to accelerate their practice
  • for experienced meditators who want to refine the fundamentals of their practice.


Weekly structure:

  • Week 1 – Concentration practices & meditation ‘fundamentals’ (posture & intention)
  • Week 2 – Somatic Practices – awareness of body & intro to vipassana meditation
  • Week 3 – Postural practices – intro to movement, standing & walking meditations
  • Week 4 – Heart/devotional practices – intro to loving-kindness, compassion meditations
  • Week 5 – Working with feelings and emotions
  • Week 6 – Working with thoughts & intro to ‘RAIN’ practice
  • Week 7 – Practising the dharma
  • Week 8 – Meaning of life & “Bringing it all home”



Programme will be held on Thursdays @ 19h30, starting from 1st of October.

You can reserve a place for 8 weeks or attend on a ‘drop-in’ basis.



In-person 65e (8 weeks) or 10e (per drop-in);

On-line 45e (8 weeks) or 8e (drop-in)

To register, please contact Ed or Sonia via whatsapp numbers below.

Meditation facilitators:

The programme will be facilitated by experienced meditation teachers Sonia Banyuls & Ed Niembro.

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Ed Niembro, Senior Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (Vipassana lineage)

Ed is a trained sustainability specialist & managed large infrastructure projects across Asia & Europe for over 20 years. However, he has been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation since 1998 and received training as a mindfulness teacher, under the Vipassana lineage of Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach. He is now a certified senior mindfulness teacher since 2018. Ed worked as a mindfulness consultant in Australia & France, introducing mindfulness into the corporate workplace, and became INSEAD Business School’s resident mindfulness facilitator from 2016 to 2019. Ed ran his own meditation & yoga centre in France before moving to Barcelona in 2019.

Contact: (WApp) +34 608 103 599


Sonia Banuls began her meditation journey with Vipassana meditation in 2006 and received certification to teach mindfulness meditation in 2006, London. She worked as a meditation specialist on international cruise ships for a major corporation for 2 years. Sonia has worked for government and non-government sectors promoting global mindfulness initiatives in disadvantaged communities across Washington DC. Recently, she spent the last 3 years living and working in Indonesia, Bhutan and India learning specialised spiritual practices by recognised lamas, masters, sadhus and gurus from different lineages.


Contact:  (WApp) +34 659 845 556