The Spanish & Catalan artist Miró said: “The Catalan character is very attached to the earth. We Catalans think you have to have your feet firmly planted on the ground if you want to jump in the air. The fact that I occasionally return to earth allows me to jump even higher later. “
And so it is in life, and so it is in Yoga. Our connection to the earth, our respect and appreciation for Mother Earth – our origin, our protector, the one who nourishes us – is essential to our wellbeing and our stability.
 In graphology, if a child draws a person who is not standing on a solid ground but rather floating on an imaginary ground, it is understood that the child feels unstable and insecure. Simply asking the child to draw a ground beneath the drawn person’s feet will make that child feel safer.
In the chakra system, the Muladhara chakra is the first main chakra and is located at the base of our spine.  It is the chakra that connects us to the earth and its other representatives – including our parents. If it is balanced, the Kundalini, our energy, can begin to rise towards the other chakras and we can reach our spiritual potential. A lot of importance is placed today on this “spiritual” and therefore on the upper chakras that offer it, yet without this Muladhara chakra open or balanced, the first gateway to this realization is closed and therefore impossible.
Standing poses root us down and make us connect to the earth. They provide us with stability, make us feel and become aware of the earth’s energy, the nutrients that are passed onto us, it makes us feel physically and emotionally safe and grounded.
As we work on warriors please focus on the connection of your feet to the ground. Try to make your stance stable & balanced – your front foot looking straightforward with the weight evenly distributed through each of its corners; as for the back foot, place weight on that leg too, make sure the outer edges are not lifting up. The same with your hands – when they are on the ground in poses such as uttitha parsvakonasana – plant them solidly on the ground, or on a block, to feel the connection and stability there.
As we move on to “fly up” with Miro through standing and arm balancing poses feel how the connection to the earth is the one that will allow you to safely rise up and fly.
– Maria Macaya