Focus: During this workshop, we’ll go through a vigorous Jivamukti hip opening and lotuses poses.

Intention underlies everything. Intention defines where and what we stand for.
Placing our intention consciously allows us not to loose our direction no matter what obstacles we may find on the path. It gives us an inner compass to stay centered and walk with grace and confidence.
Setting an intention defines where we are going for. It determines our choices and shapes our future. Towards what do we direct our energy and our mind while performing an action, will determine the future result of our action.

Setting a clear intention is an art on it’s own.  To do so we need to be clear enough inside with our heart’s true desire. Planting seeds of intention also requires to know how to nurture them with care, confidence, love and compassion.


Price: 20 euros if paid before November 5th

25 euros after November 5th

To register, please make a card payment using a button below or make a cash payment at the Jivamukti Yoga Barcelona center. For any questions, please contact Olga at 628796333.


Carol Issa is both a Jivamukti and Kundalini Yoga teacher, she was born and raised in Paris. Carol has launched Jivamukti Yoga in Paris, as an advanced Jivamukti teacher, she has the honor to serve as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training program.

Yoga came into her life as a natural unfolding of her personal researchs and intitiations in Art, dance, philosophy, psychology, shamanism, energetical healing, music, martial arts… She studied at Beaux arts and had a master from les Arts déco. She also studied Philosophy (and worked her thesis on : religions et mystism/ spirituality) « The ways to Awakening. The Buddha Self.» (non religious). She starts working as an Art Director in Publicis. After 7 years, she travels to New York City where her love story with the Jivamukti satsang starts, under the guidance of her beloved teachers, Sharon Gannon et David Life.

Her classes are physically challenging, flowing into creative sequences and mentaly and emotionally uplifting and healing with great playlists. Carol teaches in many big parisian studios as well workshops, events and retreats in Paris and abroad. She’s known for her open heart, sincerity and sense of humor.

New York Times : « One of my favorite classes is an energetic session with an infectiously joyful teacher named Carol. She leads the class in French — “Inspirez … expirez!” — but who, inevitably, trained in New York, cradle of Jivamukti. Yoga in France, at least the yoga I’ve found, is inescapably American. »