Yoga para embarazadas

Prenatal Yoga Classes

During pregnancy the body goes through different changes. The physical changes are most visible but there are also emotional changes due to specific hormonal process during the pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga has different benefits, on both physical and emotional levels. Most important is that it helps pregnant woman to adapt to all these changes, preparing body and mind for the birth through postures, breath work and meditation.

Benefits of Yoga for pregnant women

With yoga, breath work and meditation, pregnant women can:

  • create optimum conditions of health and awareness
  • realize and become confident that birth is holistic – a body and mind process
  • prepare to give birth actively, instinctively and naturally
  • express and resolve their fears and anxieties
  • be empowered to trust and follow their own instincts with self-determination
  • lessen dependency on pharmacological and surgical interventions
  • embody the power, beauty and transformation of pregnancy, birth and motherhood


Please wear comfortable clothes for stretching and bring water. If you have your mat, bring it as well, but if not, we have mats you can use.



Prenatal Yoga

Friday: 18:00 – 19:00 (Spanish and/or English)


Single classes: 12€

Pack of 5 classes: 50€

Pack of 10 classes: 80€