A Yin Yoga practice allows us the space to explore our personal boundaries and limitations, discovering and learning to accept our sensations (physical, mental, emotional). As we stay with the experience in the pose for longer periods of time, we develop an awareness which can wisely guide us to identify what we most need at any given moment.

The effects of the Yin Yoga practice are deeply healing, and are a wonderful complement to our other more Yang activities (more dynamic yoga practices, vinyasa etc or sport), but more importantly, to our very active Yang lifestyle, where constant movement, activity and haste are the norm.

Yin Yoga poses are held passively, encouraging the complete relaxation of the muscles, generally between 3 to 5 minutes, in itself a great challenge for many of us, so used to the fast-paced dynamics of our every-day reality.

In this special Yin Yoga workshop we will take one step further by increasing hold times (in poses between 5-8 minutes), offering yoga practitioners a very valuable opportunity to let go, be still, learning to encounter and encompass the wisdom of our individual limits (physical, mental, emotional). A quiet, still space enables us to really observe and register the wide range of sensations, feelings, emotions that we can experience at any one moment, to take note of the tighter, more sensitive areas of the body, and to connect with our inate ability for self-healing and balance, a true source of inner wisdom.

This special Yin Yoga workshop will encourage mindful observation and meditative awareness, exploring our reality at each present moment, beginning with a seated meditation before the yin yoga practice, offering us a place of stillness and silence, gently encouraging us to let go, and to embrace the sense of inner calm which arises from a non-judgemental acceptance of each moment as it appears, from one breath to the next.

This workshop is for established yoga practitioners.

Prices: 25 euros – early bird before January 18th

30 euros – after January 18th

Payment options: at the Jivamukti Yoga center with cash or card or bank transfer below:

Or make a bank transfer (with your first and last name)

IBAN: ES5321001089712001072549